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10 Top UAE Road Trips - 14/11/2011

For Dubai visitors wanting to spread their wings and see more of the UAE by road, Time Out Dubai has produced a great article.

It suggests 10 trips, gives directions and highly useful backgound information as to what to do and what to see to amongst other places Al Ain, Musandam, Hatta Pools, Abu Dhabi, Fossil Rock and Liwa in he Empty Quarter desert.

For some trips you'll need a powerful 4x4 and some nerve. For all trips you'll need your suncream and sun glasses.

For a great day out visit


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Counsel with a Consul:Dubai - 30/09/2011

An increasing number of Brits are showing an interest in buying property in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

It's easy to see why, as there are many reasons to live or have a second home in the UAE. If you like the sun, the year-round sunny climate is an obvious draw. The summers can seem long with temperatures hitting the mid to late 40s but this doesn't put everyone off - over the past couple of years hotels have seen a rise in the number of tourists visiting over the summer months.

Emiratis are a friendly people who show tolerance and an open-minded approach to visitors in their country, provided that their culture and values are respected. This welcoming attitude has resulted in a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. Indeed 88% of the population is now expatriate (including over 100,000 British residents and over a million British visitors each year) and your life as a resident is enhanced by these numerous influences.When eating out or shopping the choice is amazing. But if you like to stick to what you know, there's always Waitrose to make you feel at home! Most expats enjoy a high quality of life. English is widely spoken and so you avoid a lot of the challenges that are found in other popular overseas destinations.

Property - Due largely to the global recession, prices have dropped dramatically in Dubai since their peak in 2008. Some real estate agents suggest that prices have bottomed and that now might be a good time to buy. Indeed some areas have seen a price rise in the last quarter. The market in Abu Dhabi is more mixed with some prices on some properties falling whilst others have continued to rise. To help make it more attractive, the UAE government has recently announced the introduction of a three-year visa for those investing in property. Buying a property is a huge undertaking financially wherever you are in the world and the UAE is no exception. It is vital that you exercise care and attention, taking the same precautions you would if you were in the UK.

As with any investment there is an element of risk attached. Ensure you have some contingency funds in case things don't go exactly to plan. Remember, buy with Care: go into it with Caution, make sure you seek Advice - local laws can be complex and unclear, do your own Research, then Evaluate on the basis of that before you proceed.

For FCO Travel Advice visit

An Article by Helen Wells, Consul at the British Embassy in Dubai, as it appeared in 'A Place in the Sun' Magazine - September 2011

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How Dubai Could Look in 2020! - 12/09/2011

An article in Time Out Dubai detailing just some of the amazing projects planned for Dubai - some being built, some on hold and some unfortunately now cancelled. Read what's happening to them by following the link -

You'll reach the introductory page, but the follow-on pages will tell you more about Dubailand, the Al Sufouh Tram, Jumeirah Golf Estate and Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai World Central (including new airport), the Arabian Canal, Downtown Jebel Ali, The Palm Islands - Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Deira, Dubai Opera House, Waterfront City near Jebel Ali, Nakheel Harbour & Tower and The Dacing Towers, Business Bay.

Time Out Dubai

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Higher and Higher - 06/02/2011

Watch out stratosphere - you're about to be pricked. This ever-taller-skyscaper business only gets crazier.

The current most thrusting tower of all - the 828 metre Burj Khalifa, in Dubai - may only relatively recently have opened its doors to the public but already plans are in place for another building in that futuristic city to eclipse it.

At more than a kilometre high, the proposed Nakheel Tower would be so tall you could whiz up it in the lift and watch the sun setting twice: once at the bottom and once again from the penthouse.

If this happens at all it'll take years to come to fruition - so don't expect to be going up it in the next three or four years - Editor.

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